Friday, April 19, 2013


Here is the state of our backyard. It's all dirt.  What started out as a little project turned into a big project!
Isn't that the way it goes?

 I love this picture of Dave. It looks like he's crying. He's not, but he should be! 
Digging the hole for the trampoline turned out to be too huge a project to tackle alone, so after a couple of days of going at it with a shovel he called in a mini-excavator. 

 This is where our garden will be. We are going to do a raised garden just because we have so much dirt!

Here's the hole. The first day the excavator dug it I hadn't seen Preston in a while. I eventually found him in the hole. It's quite a popular spot. He was upset today because he didn't want us to put the trampoline back up. He just wanted the hole.

Grace LOVES the dirt. She rolls in it, slides down the mounds, puts it in her hair and tries to eat it.

 Showing off her worm.

Next we have to level the yard then get the sod. I can't wait to have a finished yard!

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