Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Not a lot has happened to report and I don't have pictures to post.  Last week was pretty rainy and ugly. When I say ugly, I mean our attitudes.  I don't know what it was but just about every one of us was in a cranky mood! We tried to get out and do some fun things. One night we went to Franks Diner for dinner. That was really fun, it's an old train car converted into a diner. Luckily, the really noisy family with naughty, whiny kids and a mom that was constantly yelling in a loud voice for her kids to get out of the aisle made our kids look really good!
Saturday we bought a trampoline! Something my mom thought I would NEVER do! (due to a horrible broken leg, growth plate, torn cartilege etc.when I was 14 years old and fell off of the neighbors trampoline) but....we are constantly looking for ways that Preston can get energy out and alas, this seemed like a good idea. Time will tell. We have fun on it-he said his favorite thing is to jump with me by ourselves and that he wants just the two of us to jump at least once every day:)
We've been doing a lot of work in our backyard, getting prepared to spend a lot of time in it this summer! Yesterday we sold the chicken coop, now there is no evidence that we ever had any blasted chickens. I'm getting excited to start gardening and making everything look pretty! Unfortunately, the yard never gets that much time or money spent on it, years past it always seems like there has been more pressing areas to put our time and money into.
Lets see, what else have we been doing?
Dave should hear from his work any day about being re-hired. They have quite a few jobs coming up. He is so ready to go back to work! Last week at dinner, it was quite and Preston blurts out of the blue, "So Dad, are you like ever going to get a job again or what?" We just looked at each other and started laughing.
I've also been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what next year is going to look like for Preston. We know that we will homeschool, but we want to do some sort of homeschool program (one day a week) where he goes to class. We have so many option here in Spokane so we really just need to go and visit some to see what we like.

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