Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The day is finally here. I have a full fledged very busy, getting into everything, ever so curious about everything almost two year old. I am exhausted. I forget how tiresome this stage is. And it isn't necessarily naughty per se but just being (almost, like in 22 days!) two.  These are the days that my house rarely gets clean. The laundry is piled up. We eat a lot of fast and easy meals. The dog escapes like 20 times a day, and even though it's just down to the corner and she always comes back, my neighbors feel the need to ring the doorbell and tell me, again. They probably think we're the worst dog owners. They are probably right.
Yesterday I really felt like it was a one step forward five steps back kind of a day. Every time I turned my back Grace was either squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube or unrolling all of the toilet paper, or dumping out the dog and cat food, you know that kind of stuff. And to top it all off no one wants to sleep in their own beds or through the night anymore?!? I'm not sure what that is all about!

This morning I was looking for my wallet for quite some time. Whenever we can't find something we have learned to ask the Master at hiding things aka Preston. If you can't find your keys ask Preston, he will look at you and answer, "yeah they're in the vent." Or Preston have you seen Graces Dora movie? "Yeah, it's right here." As he pulls it out from way under the couch. Ok, back to the wallet.  I ask Preston, Have you seen my wallet? "Yes!" he says, "You know the cupboards in the hallway, well look way in the back of one of those drawers, and maybe under something too, but your going to have to look hard." Trying to remain calm I look hard, way in the back and under things in all 4 drawers to no avail. So I make him look.  He keeps saying things like, "This is incredibly odd, I'm sure I put it here!" Turns out it was my old wallet which wasn't even in there anymore. It somehow made it's way to the room across the hall.

So the purpose of writing this isn't to say look at me, and the "silly" things my kids do. My life is so hard. Because it's not. If you have kids I know you go through the same things. But to remind myself this is a season with my littles. They wont' do these things which can be annoying and frustrating all the time. And although sometimes the days are hard and long, ohhh how I love them.  I love this time with them. I cherish these days that they are still at home, that they still want to cuddle and have my hold them. They don't think I'm uncool or are embarrassed  to be seen with me. I know where they are at night, in the safety of these walls. And Preston....he is so funny. As Dave walked in the door from work last night Preston looks up at him and says, "Greetings exalted one." like it was a normal way to greet daddy when he gets home from work. Apparently it's a line from star wars -It's how Han Solo greets Jaba the Hutt. Who knew. And my Gracie, I was just telling Dave after I put her to bed last night how I just look at her little face, she is so beautiful! Her perfect dark skin and long eyelashes and sweaty curly hair. Those perfectly shaped kissable lips-I just I just love her. I love them both. So much!

So I guess this is a reminder to myself. To change my way of thinking when the days are hard and long and when the nights are sleepless. To be thankful for these two blessings and their God given personalities. They are children, so I shouldn't be surprised when they act like it! When Preston was a newborn babe and I would get up at all hours of the night to nurse him-I was sooo tired I would repeat Phillipians 4:16 over and over and over with my eyes closed, "I can do all things through Christ who gives my strength." I had to remind myself that this verse says all things, not some things, or things that I like, or the fun comfortable things but ALL things-not by my strength but by His.

So I am going to go spend some time in prayer asking for Gods strength to get me through this busy day and then I am going to go look for my wallet some more.

Cousin Kamie caught a Toad for Preston!!

Grace taking a turn driving the boat.

3D bedtime stories

Driving Grandpas boat at Lake Evans

There's a story behind this picture. One day when we were outside I was showing Preston our sunflowers-most of them are puny, but this one was HUGE-it has a huge thick stalk. I told Preston, "Look at this sunflower, look how huge it is compared to all the other ones!" He said so nonchalantly "Yeah, I know that's because Ive been peeing on it all summer."

Grace got into markers and was so proud of her art! 

My sleeping beauty.

At Deer Lake for the day with our neighbor.

Grace fell asleep on Dave while floating.

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