Monday, August 5, 2013

August is.

I cannot, cannot believe that it is August already?!? I feel like I have so much that I want/need to cram into this last month of Summer. Camping trips, spending time at the cabin, parks, swimming, BBQ's with friends and family.

August is when my baby turns 2-it is Prestons last month before he starts kindergarten. August is Summers Encore. August is when the dog days of summer happen, when rich memories are made because it is so treasured-that last month before the start of school and Fall. August is revered. August is held onto tightly. August and I have a tangible relationship. August is fields of golden wheat, yellow with hot sun and a blue backdrop of sky. The golden wheat on rolling hills like the golden waves of Perelandra. I'm pretty sure time moves a little slower in August.  (Because the only way to make time stand still is to be present in that very moment) Oh, how i love you August. August is preparation for the New Year (my new year has always been September rather than January) It seems like the line between August and September is thicker than the line between December and January. August is a bittersweet ending as September makes her appearance. Slowly the flip flops get traded out socks and shoes. Swimsuits are tucked away until next year. The nights become cooler and hoodies and sweaters are unpacked. The garden is harvested and dirt bare. Soon I will have to wrap up in a quilt as I drink my coffee on the deck and then not at all. These are the days that I wish I could bottle up the golden glorious sunshine and in the thick of winters dull bleak days-just let a little bit out. August you are elegant the way you gracefully bow out to September, knowing that Fall must come.

This year I am excited and a little sad that Preston is starting Kindergarten. Sad for the obvious reasons. It means my baby is growing up! I have treasured these last 5 years at home with no schedule, do what we want when we want, never tied. I'm excited because it means new things are in store for my Preston-new friends for one!  I know that he will be stretched beyond his comfort zone and that it will be uncomfortable and hard at first but it will be good for him. He might not know it, but he is ready for more.

Oh August....

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