Wednesday, June 25, 2008

to market to market....

Today Preston and I went to the farmers market in downtown Spokane. It was smaller than I expected, mostly vegetables but it was still fun. I bought some snow peas, garlic, sweet onions, green onions and zucs.

So my goals for this summer are to work on being disciplined and to pray for wisdom. I need discipline in several areas of my life but would really like to be disciplined in the food choices that I make and being diligent about exercising. I need to pray for wisdom for being a wise "household manager" which includes handling our finances, being a wise purchaser of things, and planning meals. Poor Dave has been on his own the last few days (when it comes to dinner that is) I just feel like I am out of ideas! So my goal is to come up with some menus so I am more know that feeling that I am talking about the dreaded thinking about what to make for dinner then finding out you don't have all the ingredients so you load up the kid(s) in the car and head to the grocery store at 5:00 just when it is busiest!

Does anybody else have any goals for this summer?


  1. My Goals...
    Develope a regular laundry routine that works for me and my family.

    Clean out the not-so-obvious places in my house.

    Do a handwriting program with kids.

    Organize school materials for the fall.

  2. Hey Ness,
    My goals are to have fun with the kids and to find a system for cleaning the house and keeping it clean. I also want to have great time in the Word!

  3. yes, i have a whole menu planner excel sheet I use. I plan a month in advance based on a list of meals that my family likes and are easy to make. I look at it at the beginning of the month and make shopping lists (for every other week). That way I'm only going to the store 2 times a month (most of the time). I'll email you a list of what we like, maybe you'd like them too!

  4. Maybe we should do a tried and true recipe exchange! I am running out of family dinners that a toddler will eat! I would like to have a dinner for all of us (as I recently read in a magazine) that does not include the word "sticks" or "n'cheese."

  5. My goals for summer...

    Stop saying yes and actually relax for once

    Be diligent and crazy about exercise (partly b/c of a deal with my husband)

    Paint my basement, that room needs some help!

    Love your blog!


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