Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our House

So I had some requests for pics of our new house for family who hasn't seen it yet. So here goes.
This is the entry way. Dave did the tiling. Way to go Dave. It is so handy to have a husband who is "handy!"

This is also our entry way-the little white door with the silver knob is our mailbox-very charming. It scared the pants off me for about the first week that we moved in, it kept sounding like someone trying to open the front door.

This is our fireplace. We painted the brick and mantle. The brick was red and the mantle was a black white and gray hand painted faux marble-hmmm.....not our style. Up top you can see the crown moulding that Dave hung up. He also put in some baseboards-there wasn't any before.
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