Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Dave and I went on our first actual date last night since Preston was born. We've left him with babysitters before and in the nursery at church, but never for an evening out on the town with just the two of us for something actually fun.
We went to go see Rancid at the knitting factory and it was so much fun! I moshed. Need I say more? Afterwards I got to meet Lars (pictured above) and I am kicking myself for not bringing my camera-but I did get a fuzzy picture of me and him with Daves camera phone. Dave and I saw them once before in Seattle and it was really weird to go out to a punk rock show as a mom. Like, am I allowed? It kind of messes with your head a little bit:) Dave introduced me to this band when we started dating, he used to sing me one of their songs ......"I never fell in love, till I fell in love with you, never knew what a good time was till I had a good time with you...."
Anyways it was a fun and little bit of a weird evening. And I mean weird in a good and well weird way.
When we went to go and see them in Seattle-I will never forget the sight as we walked around the corner to go the Showbox. Blocks long, of punk rockers with mohwaks....everywhere you looked there was a mowhawk of various length and color-I wish I had my camera, it was quite a sight to behold! There were men walking down the street in their business suits just getting off of work with their jaws dropped open wondering what in the world was going mowhawk convention? No, just Rancid.
So now you all know something about me that you didn't know before. I like punk rock music and I like to mosh. It will probably be a while before I do it again though!


  1. my mom will be the first to tell you that moshing is even okay when you're a GRANDMA! :)

  2. Ness,

    It's not weird at all to like music that's "different" than what most people listen to. Jesse was into metal when he was in college, now he listens to symphonic metal, that has classically trained musicians and it is beautiful music.


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