Friday, September 12, 2008


sometimes i get really frustrated with the world that i live in. i get overwhelmed by all of the ugliness and sin that is out there. i get anxious thinking that this is the world that my child(ren) will have to live in. and i start to panic. but wait. i hear a small voice in my head reminding me of who is in control. ok. i can relax again.

it is a message that i have been hearing a lot lately, that must mean that God is trying to teach me something. without God, i don't think that i would be able to get up and out of bed in the morning. He makes the ordinary, extraordinary. with God, doing dishes and folding laundry become divine acts of service. with God being a mother means that i can pray and not be anxious. with God in control i don't have to worry and that is so comforting to me. i have had some amazing opportunities to within the past couple of years to really put this into practice. one example is with a hospital bill for ten thousand dollars, yes I said ten thousand, that my insurance company was wrongfully denying. i prayed hard, and often for about 6 months all the while spending hours on end on the phone to the insurance company, to the doctor and then to the insurance company again. at first I was freaking out because we didn't have ten thousand dollars. then, I gave it to God and had a peace about it. i knew I didn't have to worry because He was in control. either He would work the kinks out with the insurance company or He would provide the money. well, he worked the kinks out. one thing to remember is that He has his own timing that often doesn't line up with ours. would I have liked to had this taken care within weeks instead of 6 months? yes. but then i would have missed out on a very important lesson and my faith would not have grown. i have had so many opportunities to put my faith into practice over the last year and looking back, i am glad to have had the opportunity to grow and glad for what i went through, as frustrating as it was. it is a time that i often look back and remember how God was faithful.

it is so wonderful that as Christians we can experience peace, when others might not. in the midst of this world and the ugliness and sin that surrounds me, i can have peace. and know that my God is in control.


  1. I second the Amen! Very well said, Ness!

  2. Ness, your posts are so mature and so full of depth. I love how much God has changed your heart and your mind and it brings tears to my eyes that he worked in you to bring you closer to Him over the years! You have come a long way in your faith and your understanding and love of God.


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