Thursday, September 11, 2008

time for a new post...

i have a bad case of bloggers block. i can't think of anything interesting to post. but i am tired of starting at my german burger recipe and i am tired of eating them. so anything german burger needs to go away for a while! this week has been kind of mellow, kind of busy. i am still trying to unwind and clean and get caught up from our summer vacations which were weeks ago so i don't know why i am struggling so bad getting caught up!?! Monday was cook day at church. I made ten freezer meals and split them up into even more meals when I got home to make 14! it is nice to have ready made meals in my freezer but I am not sure that at this stage in my life it was worth all the time and effort that it took. i think it would be more worth while to have mini sessions throughout the week. wednesday was MOPS, I am glad to have some structure in the weeks that are to come! i look forward to all the topics and speakers and get togethers that are on the calendar. preston has a case of the sniffles, more than the sniffles actually he has a case of a nonstop dripping faucet of a nose! i am not feeling that great myself, i am hoping that i am not getting sick, (please God!) and that it is just the fact that i have had so much coffee on an empty stomach. oh starbucks, i just can't leave you alone. the fact that you are in walking distace is just too tempting at times! well on to other things, goodnight!

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