Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

I am really enjoying today in the fact that nothing is planned. It's been kind of a busy week, and it is nice to be able to get caught up on some household chores.

I've got the "rearranging bug" again....I'm a hopeless rearranger, does anyone else have this compulsion????

On our way to do a couple errands this morning I stopped at my first garage sale of the season. ( I guess it's actually my second because I went to some with Amy in Kennewick)
I got a few little things, a pretty glass pitcher, plastic cups, a metal flower holder, and a whisk. I am excited to see more garage sales as the weather gets warmer! It is one of my favorite past times. If you plan on having your own garage sale you should check out Meyer Family Love notes on my friends list for some really good tips about how to have a successful sale.

While I caught the "rearranging bug" poor little Preston caught a bug of a different kind. He has a fever, cough and runny nose. I thought when we didn't catch anything from Dave a few weeks ago that we were in the clear. Guess not. Hopefully he feels a little better tomorrow and Sunday, I really want to get out and enjoy the nice weather we are supposed to have.

Well I better get back to cleaning:)


  1. Ooh, I think we have a mutual friend with that compulsion! I would love to have this compulsion, but am quite the opposite and get stuck in the way things have been for a while. Matt and I finally rearranged the living room last week, mostly so we could pick up carpets and mop ALL the hardwoods, so I was feeling pretty proud! Our mutual friend walked into our newly rearranged living room yesterday and said "wow, you've moved things in here ... but wouldn't it be cool to try this..." I just had to laugh! Maybe someday I will be able to change things more often :) So do you have a new layout yet??

  2. maybe we should yard sale next saturday? or friday? yes? before i leave? :)

  3. for sure beth!

    leave where? is it italy time already?!?


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