Friday, May 1, 2009

this is what i get

when I took his shoes off and asked him to put them away, I thought he understood what I was saying when he started walking towards his bedroom. I guess he got a little side tracked by the toilet because this is where I found them.
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  1. I was cracking up when you told me about this today! He is such a cutie! Thanks again for the coffee and the beautiful cards! We'll have to get together again soon...

  2. Wow! What a beautifly clean toilet you have! It's soooo photogenic!

  3. fan.tast.ic. cute shoes though.

  4. At least he couldn't flush them down, right? LOL
    The toilet was quite the favorite place for Levi's things to end up too, I'm sure he had a checklist hidden somewhere of things that would and wouldn't flush, with special marks next to those things that would clog it up.


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