Monday, June 15, 2009

happy monday

I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that it is Monday! Most people hate Mondays, but today I welcome it. This weekend was both a bad and busy one. You know those days when it seems like everything that can go wrong does-well, it was one of those weekends. We all have them right?!? We just need to get through them and welcome the start of another day!

Friday my thoughtful sister came over to help me with my journals and then watch Preston for me. This was wonderful because I could work without any interruptions! So what happens as soon as they leave? I get sick and throw up like 7 times! Go figure! I didn't get any work done, but at least I didn't have to try to watch Preston while I was sick....I just would have much rather got some stuff done. Friday night-I had a few moments of feeling better so I went to Staples to pick up some paper that they had copied for me....well I won't tell you exactly how much it was, I will just say it was waaayyyyy more than I thought it should me, and it didn't look that great. So after sleeping on it for a night and having Dave go to the store with me for back up:) I got refunded some money, and they offered to do the job over for me.

Saturday started out was the corbin park annual neighborhood garage sale! Yippee!
We got a table and umbrella for our new deck, a side table for by the couch, and a cool mailbox that I will use to display my cards in at the craft show. Then the day took a turn for the worse as I had to say good-bye to a dear friend who is moving to Texas, our new table broke, and we had a late night and Preston didn't go to bed until after 10:00-way to late! And while all this is going on I am still feeling nauseous and throw uppy.

To quote my friend, Heidi. "Feel sorry for me, I like pity!" hee, hee:)

Ok, so I know these are not the worse things to have happen. But none the less-Dave and I are both glad the weekend is over!

I guess I better leave on a positive note:

My journals are almost all put together and will be bound shortly!
The stairs are finally on the deck and the deck is stained and looking great!
Dave built a really cool cabinet in the kitchen-I will post pictures soon!
I am {kind of} feeling better.


  1. ugh! big bummer ~ but glad you're feeling better and ready for the week! i'm sure you'll be a huge success at the show this weekend! :o)

  2. miss you! wish i could be there! glad you're feeling better! sorry about the umbrella! let's see...what else? oh...miss you! ;)

  3. Mylanta! What a bummer...Did you have the flu?

    The mailbox idea sounds neat! That will make a great display! What else are you doing for your display? Can't wait to see some of your other books!

  4. I can't wait to come see you at the farmer's market, you are going to be will all be worth it! I really like your blog too, I need your help with set up. You are a computer whiz (especially after all your paper formatting!)

  5. Ewe~ Well, I give you pity- but not as much as I ask for in return! My weekend was worse! Last weekend we got all moved out of our rental and since have been homeless!!! Closing on our new house was supposed to be the 15th, but here comes another weekend staying at my inlaws! AAAAAAH! Right now I am REALLY wondering exactly what God is telling me!


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