Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today I can breath a huge, gigantic sigh of relief. My journals etc. are done-and sitting in boxes on my coffee table as I type. These last 2 weeks have been a tad stressful as I've been preparing lots and lots of journals:) I am always learning....once I have everything down to a science it will be less stressful. {I hope!}
I ran across this verse this morning-
All that I have accomplished you have done for me. Isaiah 26:12
Isn't that great? I really feel that this is true, especially with all of the interest I've had with my journals!! Who knew? Well, I guess God did;). Anyways...I just feel really blessed.I've been praying for so long to have some sort of outlet, once again, he has been faithful to answer my prayers!
Well, I am off to put Preston {who is currently nap striking} to bed.


  1. Your journals are beautiful. Just imagine how God will use you to bless so many with His word. It is so fun to watch vicariously your business take off!

  2. i always liked how you said that it was His business, not yours...isn't that so true?! ;) good job lady!

    i miss my creative friend!

  3. I'm really hoping I can come out and see you at the show on saturday! it's amazing how God works through us ~ he'll use your talents to bless many people! thanks for sharing it with us!


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