Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ahhh...what to write. this week has been a busy one! Here is a little recap.

Monday: social security office-apparently i never changed my name when i got married 4.5 years ago! oops, well now i am officially a campbell:)

Tuesday: preston got to play with his cousins for a couple hours in the morning {always fun!} then we skipped nap time to hang out at the DOL for 2 hours-uggh, not a good idea. i got to practice patience though. then we headed to costco to stock up on groceries for an upcoming family vacation. i thought this day couldn't get any worse-but it did as i discovered later that night that our deep freezer accidentally got unplugged, and had been cooking in the heat we've been having. let's just say that it was not a pleasant all! there was a lot gagging and dry heaving involved;( lots.

Wednesday: cleaned craft room and organized bills etc. etc. etc. i only took on this huge task because every single piece of paper i own was sprawled out on the floor of my craft room when on monday i was frantically looking for our marriage certificate-so i could change my name.
right now i am baking pies-i really need to use up all my peaces! i am wondering though, where i am going to put them all. hmmmm....

I wonder what the rest of the week will bring? how has your week been so far?

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