Tuesday, September 1, 2009

our family vacation

We're baaaack! Did you know we were gone? Friday morning we made our way to Canada-Kelowna BC to be more exact. We went to Daves family's lake cabin on the Okanogan to get some much needed R&R. We got back home last night. {it's always so nice to get back home!} Since I am constantly in a state of learning as a result of being a mom of a toddler-here is what I learned this time. 1. portable dvd players are a must! Thanks for letting us borrow yours angie-it was a lifesaver! 2. always bring a lot of suckers and ring pops for long car rides. Why? Well you can't scream and cry if you have a sucker in your mouth. 3. don't be so focused on others that you forget to take care of yourself-I was going to buy myself car sickness medication but reasoned that I didn't have time. So instead of P getting carsick and throwing up. I was the one who threw up. -Uggh. Well, those are my top 3. I am sure I could think of more though:) So like everything in life there are ups and downs-and this is certainly true with a toddler in tow. Vacation is just different when kids are involved. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get too much reading time on the beach in-but that is just a part of my life that is on hold for a little bit. Preston got to see and play with cousins that he doesn't get to see that much-that is always fun-while Dave and I got to visit and catch up with grown-ups:)
One of my {many} favorite things about the lake is going to bed. Okay, okay... don't get judgemental on me. Let me explain. I just love being able to anticipate the feeling of going to bed after a busy, fun, day in the sun, snuggling up to my husband and listening to the waves. Ohhh, I just love it! It is just so peaceful. Preston on the other hand, did not like going to bed so much. He didn't sleep well at all. My mom says he is just a homebody and I agree. Only this time he didn't just cry, he graced us all with his screaming. Oh Preston, what are we going to do with you?!? He also did not like the water this year, and I can't blame him it was pretty chilly! He doesn't have the advantage that we have-we can jump in and get it over with. So what did Preston like? Well, I think he liked the vacuum cleaner the best and 2nd to that would be the rocks at the beach.
As we were driving up to the cabin we saw a black bear-it was really neat to see it up close-it was eating cherries in someones yard! There was also a sighting a couple of cabins down from ours-yikes! There are a lot of fires up there right now, which could be making the bears have to move-I am just glad that no bears decided to get up close and personal! One of the best memories from the lake this year are when one morning P was up at 5:30 {for the day!} and Dave and I were sitting on the deck, Dave was holding Preston and we were watching the sunrise-and when Preston saw the sun rising over the mountain he got all excited and said, "light on!, light on!" that was pretty funny-yes preston light on.
PS-We were so exhausted this morning that Preston and I did not wake up until 10:00am!!!!!!
On the way home-notice the ring pop????? I'm telling you, I'm on to something good here!
Here is the beautiful 6am sunrise-"lights on" world!

Sophia and Preston

Look at that smile, see how much joy vacumming gives him:)

Porter and Preston
Preston and his {other} Aunt Amy
Dave and Preston in the boat

Porter and Preston
Dave, Preston, Alyssa
Porter and Zach


  1. Ness, the whole sucker thing is so true, our first trip to Disneyland Collin turned 3 when we were there, he pretty much hated it all. We bought a pack of mickey shaped bundle pops, they called them, he called them bumble pops and they all still call them that. Well anyway they were the only thing that made him happy, we bought a lot needless to say. So one mom to another you are right, they work wonders and as long as its not all the time then do what you have to do. I love reading all your Preston stories.

  2. I totally agree that vacations are different with toddlers, not so relaxing for us, but it is neat to share in the joy of all the new things they discover away from home. I love the "light on"at least you had a cute story to ease the pain of the early morning:)

  3. i just can't believe how big preston looks in these pics!! holy moses!!


  4. VEry true about the suckers! I would give the twins suckers in the grocery store - if I didn't they would be too loud that I couldn't remember what I was there for.

    Just remember...this is just a season in life. One day he will sleep well and vacations will be just that - a vacation!

    Glad you guys are back safe and sound! Love the pictures!

  5. I am glad I am not the only one who has to give my kid candy! For a while I kind of felt defeated or like a bad mom-but then I thought sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do-screaming in the car isn't a battle I am willing to fight right now! :)


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