Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's contagious-Fall routines that is. Even though I am not in school myself and I don't have a school-aged child-I don't want to miss out on getting into a routine! Children, and I think it's safe to say people in general thrive on them. While I've been anticipating getting into a routine I have been thinking a lot about home, our home. I've been thinking what I want our home to look like, feel like, how I want my day to go, priorities, know, all that really good, important stuff that's not so tangible with our hands-but is very tangible with our souls and hearts. And then I found this verse-over at Anns blog-A Holy Experience {it can also be found in the book of Matthew chapter 21 verse 13 wink}. I thought, this is what I want our home to be, wouldn't you agree?
A house of prayer. I want to live in a house of prayer. I want my son to grow up in a house of prayer. I want my husband to leave in the morning and come home at night to a house of prayer.
To read more about making your house a place of prayer click here.

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  1. those are beautiful! thanks for the link to the other blog ... it was exactly what i needed to read today. :)

  2. i LOVE that frame {making it obvious i love the verse first *wink}!! keep up the beautiful work!



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