Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Look what I found in my corn field?!? And by corn field I mean my measly two rows of corn that we planted.

I love it when Dave takes pictures without me knowing-they are like surprises waiting for me next time I use the camera- Like this picture-with the axe-um what?!? Maybe he's a Paul Bunyan wanna be.
This is also one of Daves pictures-I think he captured the beauty of this rainbow beautifully!
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  1. after our last phone convo, should i just say that i'm not surprised to see him with an axe. ;)

    and to just be able to say that you have a corn field is cool in itself... :)

  2. I love Preston peeking out thru the corn-so cute! BTW: how is your corn? Have you tried it yet? That is exciting. It looks like if we put our two boys together they would get a lot of work done.

  3. The fact that he is not wearing a shirt really adds to the "cornfield" pictures. He is so cute. I hope he recovered from his fall last night.

  4. Rainbows always feel like a special event, don't they?

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog.


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