Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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It's been a crazy week at the Campbell house. Lots of sickness...feeling better...then more sickness. The only good thing about being sick is that I get to stay home-no running around, no errands...I can stay in my jammies all day. Guilt free. I thought I was better yesterday, we even ventured out of the house for a while, but I woke up with a 102 degree fever and body aches last night. Dave said I woke him up because my teeth were chattering so loud! Anyway, onto other more interesting things! So far Dave has not picked up my germs and Preston just has a runny nose and a cough.
Preston is 21 months now! He is my little buddy and as you can tell I love to take his picture-I love to capture his smile, it just makes me melt and feel inexplicable joy. I never knew I could love like this!
What people are saying about Preston these days are: "Wow, he's really busy!" "You sure have to keep your eye on him every minute!" "he doesn't get easily distracted!" and "he sure is talking a lot!"
All of the above is true. And I love it. It is how God made him and I am excited to see how God uses it in his future.
He really is talking a lot, it amazes me-I'm not sure that everyone else can understand every little thing he says, but I do. It's nice to able to communicate and to know what he wants. He is quite the big boy and even calls me "mum" on occasion, to which I reply, "that's mama to you!"
The boy loves TV. He always has, but these days it is getting quite ridiculous! He really doesn't even watch that much tv-except when he is doing he nebulizer twice a day. He has gotten in the habit of waking up at 3am and wanting to watch tv-he cries. "tv off, tv off!" I think we've been spoiling him a little bit-Dave and I discussed getting into more of a routine and being a little tougher and more consistent with discipline. It's just so hard to be tough at 3 in the morning when you are so tired though! I just keep reminding me that God says, "He who loves his children will discipline him."
He still loves watches, fans, turning lights on and off, and noticing things that are hot and cold-these are just his little quirks. They always have been.
Dave is still busy at work-we are just so thankful that he has a job! They laid off a few guys last week, we are just praying that his job will be safe.
I have been busy with my little business-I've sold some things at Simply Northwest-that is really exciting, they want me to bring more journals in. I continue to get more and more online orders. I feel so blessed to get paid for something I love doing!
Well that is the update on our lives these days!
PS-I know that this is random, but I let Dave "bob" my hair...was I on too much cold medicine? Maybe.


  1. Your hair looks awesome!!! I cannot believe Dave's hidden talent (which is not so hidden now). You should post a hair picture.
    I think of Preston every time something is "hot" b/c the way he says it is really adorable, and he always notices when something could be hot.
    I love your posts!

  2. what a great update! :) is that "our" park little p is playing on? ;)

    i'm glad you're feeling better, as it seems to be since you posted and i agree with ms katie, a 'bob' picture is in order.

    also, love your update over at best nesst too and still miss you! obviously. ;)

  3. absolutely no pictures will be posted until i am over this bug and feeling better. :)

  4. You should have taken a picture of your hair bobbed!

  5. Your son is so adorable!! What a good looking family. :) I also enjoy the way your write, its a fun blog to read.
    (Stephs sister)


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