Friday, October 16, 2009

I need YOUR opinion.

So Dave kind of wants to get a dog. I kind of do too. kind of.

I am not sure how I feel about that. Neither one of us are necessarily dog people, so I'm not sure what the pull is. Maybe it's that we have a little boy who would love a pet that would love him back. Because the cats are quite fond of his love if you know what I mean.

I just keep thinking-dog hair, dog smell, piddle accidents, barking, another mouth to feed, dog poo shoes and so on and so on.

But, I am an animal person and am pretty sure that I might love it:) I think it would be fun to have a dog to walk around the park-just another exercise motivator!

We do have a fully fenced yard, and a small dog would be manageable-wouldn't it?

What do you think. I need some convincing or dissuading. Depending on your take:)


  1. Well, you asked my opinion so I'll tell you.
    But really....I don't think I'm the person to ask when I am finishing up laundry today after an accident my cat made...on my bed!!!! Yuck!
    The cat is Aaron's really, and thankfully he took the initiative to clean everything up. He even muttered the words "I don't care now if we get rid of the cat." Our animal sagas run rather deep. Again, I am not the person to ask. I see them as more work. But many people love animals and can somehow look past the smells, the hair, the vet bills, the food, and the messes.
    Maybe you would have better luck than us! :) And as far as for kids, they really do love animals and that's the only reason I really ever agree to pets. My mom dealt with it and I feel like I should too, for their sake.

  2. Thanks for your honest opinion Jane! :)

  3. there are the hypoallergenic shedding, no dander, etc, however you cannot find the no accident, or no escaping out the front door kind ;) You are welcome to borrow Bunsy a couple of days to make up your mind!

  4. my 'personal' opinion? ;)

    i're brave, lady! you said you love your house? just remember those words...



  5. After hearing about all the issues we've been having with our dog lately...I hope it doesn't discourage you. Just consider EVERYTHING before getting one: the responsibility, time, money, energy that having a pet comes with. But also the unconditional love, loyalty and companionship and devotion is like no other and makes it all worth it. The way they look at you when they want your attention, the way their ears perk up at the sound of their name...I love, love animals and depending on what kind you get, they are great with kids. Consider whether you want a puppy or an adult, one from a breeder or one from the local shelter. There are pros and cons to both.

  6. I vote no. Sorry. Not sure if thats what you want to hear or not...:)

    Robert would love to get a dog and I am loving the cuteness of a dog and the idea of the kids having a dog, but then there is reality:

    1. we couldn't just up and go to Spokane (or anywhere) very easily. Cats are easier to deal with.

    2. As much as I could say it is Robert's dog- I would be the one potty training it and caring for it, cleaning up messes. I'm not ready for that.

    3. puppies require more attention then kids.

    4. adult dogs need attention too.

    5. poo in your yard. Having to make sure it is picked up. Kids stepping in it. yuk!

    6. extra expense.

    Those are just a few things off the top of my head. :) Do you have a list of pros and cons going?

  7. It really has to be your choice. If you choose to get a pet then you will be committed to its care,and cleaning. I think all kids should have a dog, get used to taking care of it and treating it respectfully. Its not good for kids to be afraid of animals, the best way is to have one of your own. Cats dont count. There are plenty of breeds that dont shed, but they need groomed. Thats why we have had poodles and schnauzers. Beware of the small dog they get hurt more easily and tend to nip more. Keep in mind it really only takes a little while to house train a puppy and they provide years of love. Good Luck

  8. Oh I forgot to add if you do decide to get a puppy, I would suggest waiting until spring when the weather is better, and I wouldnt get one when you are in the middle of potty training the human baby (Preston) that would be just way to much, well you know urine and poo.

  9. Seeing as I have 2 large dogs, I might have enough experience to answer this question!!!

    1. the kids love the dogs, and love them more every day.
    2. I love having them when mike is working nights or out of town, even though I know that they would only lick intruders, it makes me feel safer!
    3. my hubby loves them, i love them most of the time (just not in the winter, too messy).
    4. We have never had a lot of vet bills, and spend approx $20-25 a month on food, not bad.
    5. We solved a lot of lonely dog problems when we got the 2nd dog, never thought I would have two, but it works very well!

    1. Hair, and lots of vacuuming, but I love to vacuum, so it doesn't bother me too much, and I have short haired dogs.
    2. Smaller dogs are yippier (is that a word). They tend to bark more, and higher pitched, can be annoying.
    3. The traveling thing is an issue, you need either a good friend to send them to, a good friend to house sit, or money to send them to doggie daycare.

    Definetly think hard before you decide. Dogs are for life (their life). It isn't fair to make them switch families when you decide you don't like them anymore, so try to think long term (10-15 years!) There are some days I wish they would go away, but most days I love them.

  10. Wow! Thanks everyone for your advice!

  11. I would LOVE to have a dog...but the cons (and our small backyard and the thought of diapers for kids and pooper scoopers for pets at the same time) are exhausting. I am waiting till Sawyer is a little older- 1st grade ish- when he can take on some responsibility for the dog...then we will reconsider. Good luck with your decision! I hope your family finds the right time and the right dog:)

  12. Thanks for your note of appreciation this morning. What a joy to find it in my inbox!

    Okay. Dogs. Pooches. We took the plunge one week before we found out we were having our first baby!! It was a bizarre circumstance of wanting to have a dog for months, thinking J wanted one, him thinking I wanted one, my sister totally selling me on the idea, etc. etc.

    Bottom line. We got a pooch. And it has been the best thing ever! I never thought I'd be an indoor dog type. And now (because after Baby #2 neither of us had the energy to catch him and kennel him for the night!) he sleeps on our bed.

    He was a lot of work. Training, scratching, tearing up things that didn't belong to him. He was wild!!


    He is the only dog I've ever loved. I can't wait to give him a squeeze, he's great with the girls AND he eats ALL THE CRUMBS OFF THE FLOOR :P. Except the veggies, of course :).

    He's so trained now that we just let him out into the yard (which is fenced, we never leave him off leash otherwise) to do his "business." :)

    Let me know what you decide!!!!

  13. No dogs. :) For all the reasons stated above! But seriously, it IS your families decision! I promise I will still visit. hee hee!

  14. Go for a mid-size. The temperament is calmer, but they are more manageable physically.

    Dogs are a lot of work, though, especially in the beginning.


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