Friday, October 2, 2009

last weekend

I stole this picture from Shaunas blog-I didn't take it, but I like it so much, I meant to get one but we were running late-just want to give credit where credit is due:)

It's taken me all week to get this post up! I've been wanting to blog about our trip to Seattle last weekend. So here goes.

Friday afternoon we left-Preston did awesome in the car! He slept 2.5 hours. Minus the construction after cle elum which slowed us down about an hour it was pretty smooth sailing.

We stayed with some friends in west Seattle {Katie and Charlie} they graciously watched Preston while we went to see Wicked and get a late night dinner at the Chessecake factory.

Saturday we got a slow start, I think we were a little overwhelmed at what we wanted to do since this was the first time we've been back since we moved in August of 2007. We ended up going to Ballard {our old neighborhood} and walked down Market Street. It oddly felt like home. I feel like we should have gone to our old house-like it would still be there, just like we left it. Even though I grew up in Spokane for 19 years-I spent most of my adult life in Seattle and I have so much history there, some good, some bad. That's another post, that most likely won't get written!

Saturday afternoon we met up with the rest of the family in Everett for family pictures-that was a long afternoon, but we survived! Although all 8 of the Campbell kids were there, Mike wasn't able to make it for pictures-and his 3 kids, Maddy, Julia and Payton were at home in Indiana.

Mike met up with us later that evening-where all kids were together at last-for the first time in 4 years at our wedding.

Sunday afternoon we made our way home. Preston did awesome again! He slept from Marysville to Moses Lake, I couldn't ask for anything more!

Wicked was amazing by the way-I loved it! When Dave asked if he liked it his reply was, "Well, I didn't fall asleep!" So I guess that means that he liked it! I think it's always fun to have a night on the town. When we lived in Seattle we went to see Phantom of the Opera and the Nutcracker at the Paramount-it is beautiful inside and an experience in itself.

A great time was had by all!

Nana and all her but 3 of her grandkids

top (l) is Paris, Zach, Hunter, Kirby, Ella, Alyssa

bottom (l) Hayden, Cole, Porter, Conley, Preston (notice the huge diaper!)Sophia and Jayden

GG, Daves Grandma and all the Campbell kids minus mike.

Perri, Cathy, Kim, Dave,Shauna and Chelsey

This is Elsa-Katies daughter. She's 9 months old and is a cutie! Preston had fun playing with her:)

Here we are at the Chessecake factory-in all my years living in Seattle I had never been, it's pretty good!

Nana (Carol) and Chelsey at the Paramount

Scott, Ted, Shay, Dave and Jimmy -the boys.

Dave and Conley-He will be 1 in December, this is the first time we got to meet him!

Carol and her kids

Alyssa and Conley-I love this picture!


  1. i'm so glad you had a good time...and safe travels! happy happy happy! :)

  2. Looks like fun ~ I'd love to see Wicked ... maybe someday it'll come to Spokane! :)


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