Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh what a time...

{click on the pictures to enlarge them, if you wish.} has been!

Looking back. Reflecting on the previous season. Summer, ahh sweet Summer, it will be so long before I feel the warmth of your rays on my skin again. 

It has been a busy Summer, one that will be looked back fondly on. A lot has happened.

Here is the run down.

1. We saw lots of family...Kj, Sawyer, Kelly, Louise, Duane, Dennis, Kathy, Chris and Nicole.  Am I forgetting anyone, probably.

2. Dave built a deck, knocked down a wall, put in french doors, bought a new stove, installed a microhood, knocked out a cupboard, put in a fence.

3. Grew a garden, planted flowers. Amazingly things grew, and lived. Well most of them anyway.

4. I went to the Farmchicks show-had a blast!

5. Participated in my first craft show-also had a blast.

6. Went to Kennewick, Priest Lake and Kelowna BC.

7. Did a triathlon-and finished!

8. Played outside, swam in the pool-even Dave and I got in the pool on several occasions! It was hot.

9. Went to Riverfront park-rode the carosuel, Prestons first and Daves!

10. Went to Mt. Spokane, boy was it windy!

11. Preston took swim lessons.

12. Dave got stitches-because I left the cupboard door open.

13. We at a lot of popcicles and drumsticks!

14. We picked strawberries and peaches.

15. Made jam.

16. Ate jam.

16. Lost jam-when the freezer got turned off. Still a sore subject;)

17.  Hung out with friends.

18. Said good bye to friends.

19. Took a lot of walks to Starbucks!

20.  We gave a Weber grill a workout and ate a lot of BBQ hamburgers. A lot.

As I say good-bye to Summer I say hello to Fall.
Hello to crisp mornings, frost, socks, pants, and sweaters.
Hello to all of the yummy Autumn vegetables.
Hello to pumpkin spice lattes.
Looking forward to making some more memories!

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  1. so...#4 and #18 {you know, assuming slightly that has a little to do with our family...?} make me want to cry. enough said.

  2. Jenessa, love the new look of your blog, so pretty! The picture collage is awesome, I love the picture of P in your glasses especially. It was fun to read about your summer, you did a lot!

  3. I am exctied to say hello to fall also and the new season it brings. Thanks for sharing your list!


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