Tuesday, November 3, 2009

22 months

Saturday October 31 Preston officially turned 22 months old! Only 2 months to go until he turns the big 0-2:)

I thought I would document what life is like with Preston at 22 months.

1. He is one B-U-S-Y little boy.
2. All boy, he is!
3. He loves playing with Ta-ta (thomas) and Ja-Ben (that's Jack and Ben our neighbors)
3. He is starting to call me mom and mommy instead of mama.
4. Much to Daves dismay, Dave is still mama-dada most of the time, ocassionaly Preston will call him daddy.
5. Everything from pumpkins to the charcters in his books are either mamas, dadda,or babies according to their size.
6. He loves playing "Little People."  Somedays they are the first toy he plays with when he wakes up and the last thing he plays with when he goes to bed. (His favorite phrase to say when playing little people is "Fi-dollos peese or five dollars please, as he drives the little people past the bank-very cute)
7. We have to watch everythnig we say, and I mean everything because he copys everything we say!
8. He has a weird fascination with candles and lighters-I have to admit, it scares me a little.
9.He likes to watch Little Einsteins and Blues Clues.
10. Songs he likes to sing include: Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, Everywhere I goby Moose A. Moose and the Blues Clues theme song.
11. He is sleeping in his big boy bed like a pro!
12. He loves playing outside, cold doesn't bother him one bit. I cannot say the same.
13. He loves to "rock-bye" every night.
14.He is in size 5 diapers.
15. He still drinks from a bottle. I just don't have the heart to take it away yet.
16. Favorite food is chip and popcorn and now I think candy.
17. Like to pretend to shoot guns-and will make a gun out of anything (I think this is courtesy of Thomas:) Last night he was shooting Dave with my glue gun.
18. Looks for "clues" or "aw-pints" (pawprints) constantly-from Blues Clues-and he has quite the eye too! Last night he found a piece of paper that had his foot prints on it from when he was born and he got all excited and shouted "aw-pint, aw-pint!"
19.Talks SOOOO much!
20. He loves to read books.

Life with Preston is at 22 months is wonderful!


  1. He is so fun, his big smile lights up the neighborhood. We just love sharing life with Preston, and you, and Dave, too.

  2. what a great document! i miss being there to watch him grow...but growing he most certanily is still doing! :)

    hugs! :)

  3. That is really funny that he calls Dave mama-dada, lol. and I love the fi-dollos peese. Cute!

    I was showing some of your Preston posts to Aaron, we were cracking up over the "meat meat meat" post, and him chewing through his m&m wrapper (we can totally relate to that one). He looks like he's got one incredibly fun little personality. It will be fun to meet him finally here soon. :)

  4. so this is totally random ... when i read #2 for some reason it came out in Yoda's voice from star wars ... weird. LOL :)

  5. He is definately a cute little bug. You guys are a perfect little family. Cant wait to mee #2. I will have some pics soon, they turned out great. Not a ton of them but definately enough good ones.


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