Monday, December 7, 2009

December 2009

Wow-It is December already! I am so not ready for the coming holiday season-are you?
Eeek! Part of me wants to get into planning mode and then part of me wants to panic!
Why does December always seem to sneek up on me?
I was thinking about last December-Prestons first Christmas. I can kind of chuckle looking back on it, but at the time nothing seemed to go right. I couldn't decorate the tree *right* since then I have learned it is a lot easier to decorate pre-lit 3 foot fake Christmas tree. We just don't have the space for a big tree and with my black thumb I am sure I would kill it before Christmas!  Our little tree is perched on an end table making it just out of reach of little fingers and curious kitty paws! Last year I had planned on doing various family activites-a carriage ride downtown, going to look at the trees at the Davenport, a trip to the Campbell House at the MAC and none of that happened. Why? Well, when Dave wasn't working he was shoveling snow off of our roof ! I didn't even get my Christmas shopping done last year because of all the snow that got dumped on us-I was housebound (by choice) I hate driving in the snow. 
So...this year I am hoping things will be a little different.
I want to prepare. Isn't that a novel idea? *wink*
I want to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. I want the focus of this holiday season to be on relationships. I want to focus on the real meaning of Christmas by meditating on my favorite bible verse which is Matthew 1:21. And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.  Then on the practical side I need to set aside some time with Dave to go over the holiday budget, put events of the calendar, schedule some date nights and family we can be prepared and not stressed out. :)


  1. There is an awful lot to keep up with this month. It really is an awful lot. I try to remember that and allow myself a little wiggle room.

    I know I won't do everything I hope to do. So I try to start with the most important things. But it's still a balancing act, because I can't just do those.

    And every once in a while, I try to just put it all aside and live somewhere else entirely for a few minutes.

  2. A carriage ride and the Campbell House sound so fun! I wonder if they do carriage rides in downtown CDA, I'll have to look into that...
    Good idea with the 3-foot tree, we resorted to just lights on our tree this year, and I love it. No stress with my boys pulling the ornament balls off constantly and throwing them around the house, yet it's still really pretty.
    I tried to plan better this year by starting my decorating way back in November, and I'm glad I'm done with all that part, but the holidays still hold that feeling of "coming too soon" in some way don't they? So much to fit in, just not enough time to do it all...

  3. Steph-

    There are carriage rides in downtown CDA!


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