Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday already? What happened to the rest of the week-seriously?
This week past me by without me even realizing it. I guess that happens the closer it gets to Christmas!
Time just goes by faster and faster. I'm not sure I like it going by so fast.
So what have I been doing with myself this week? Lets see.
Fighting a bug, mailing out journals, surfing the web a little, running some errands around town, picking up Christmas cards.  Not a whole lot.

The highlight of my week was getting these.

They are called squeaky shoes, have you heard of them? I guess they are really big in China.
The name might give it away-but they squeak when your child walks. Some might find it annoying. I think it is absolutely adorable-and so does Preston:)
I bought them from a really cool lady who is having a Craigslist sale and it turns out she has an online boutique where she sells adorable handmade hats and headbands and squeaky shoes:)
Tots in Dots Boutique is the name of her business if you want to check it out.

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  1. there's a little girl here that has some. you can hear her coming and going down the hallway and especially when she passes right by our door. ;) they are pretty cute!


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