Friday, January 8, 2010

Book log.


books A house without books is like

a room without windows

-Heinrich Mann

Do you ever read a good book only to forget the author? I do. That’s why I’ve decided to keep a journal or book log of the books that I read, fiction and non-fiction. For the non-fiction books I will use my journal to take notes, write quotes or important things that I want to take away from what I’ve read. I will even keep track of what Preston and I read together….maybe not every book, because toddler books are short and we go through so many, but maybe just his favorites.

What do you think. Would you use a book log?


  1. I SHOULD use a book log! I should also journal and never seem to have time to do it...but it is a great idea. I just finished Same Kind of Different as Me...and there were several quotes in there that I do not want to forget. I recommend you add it to your 'to read' list!!! It made made me really stop and think about what I am doing (not enough?) and should be doing for the glory of God's kingdom.

  2. i keep a journal just to write down favorite sentences, and things i want to quote the author on.
    referring back to a journal is much easier than digging through all my books.

  3. that IS a lot easier than rummaging through books denise!

  4. How funny...I was just thinking it would be a neat idea to start up a reading journal for our family. I've been reading chapter books to my kids every night before bed for about 5 years now. I wish I would have thought of this sooner, but I think it would be fun to ask my kids what they like and/or dislike about each book we read together and record their thoughts in a journal.


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