Saturday, January 9, 2010

A very good day.


Yesterday {Friday} we had a family date. We went out to lunch at Riverpark Square, then we went to play it up at Mobius-our childrens museum. Preston-even Dave and I had a blast! We loved it so much we bought a membership. I can’t wait to go again, it’s just perfect for us.  Later that night Dave and I went out on a much needed date without Preston.  We planned on going to Red Lobster for dinner, but there was an hour to hour and a half wait. So we ended up going elsewhere later we caught a hockey game. This was a perfect day.

My perfect day rolled into Saturday as I got to sleep in today…thanks honey! It was much needed!

Now I am going to bombard you with pictures.



If you’re wondering why the water is red-it’s because we put “tub-tints” in to color it:)


when I showed preston these pictures of him in the bathtub he got a big smile on his face and said, “Oh…I so cute!” Yup he is.



This are prestons new “glasses” he’s been wearing them everywhere-indoors and out.



Preston got to paint for the very first time…he was more interested in finger painting!


  1. That looks so fun! We'll have to join you next time we are in Spokane!! Sawyer got a plasma car like the one P was riding in the photo (for Christmas from Gma and Gpa). He loooves it and rides it everwhere:)

  2. Fun! I've never been in Mobius, though a few of my kids had field trips there when they were in kindergarten and loved it. I'm going to have to check it out myself one of these days. How fun you did that for a family date. And yes, he is "so cute"!

  3. i can't believe i never took the girls to mobius when we lived there, but i've heard very good things about our children's museum here! aren't those 'perfect' days just magical?! love them!! and i'm so happy you got to have one {and sleep in?! i mean, come on! it doesn't get any better than that!!}. :)

  4. How fun!! I need to find something like this to do with my daughter!


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