Wednesday, March 3, 2010

how a bad day gets worse...

I'm kind of kidding. I'm not really having a bad day...maybe a little bad day, but only because it's rainy and dreary. I thought a cure for the rainy day blues would be to do a little shopping up on Garland street... The Ruby Slipper, Tin Man Gallery, and a coffee at the Rocket Bakery. On the way to the car I thought I'd stop at a thrift store that we were walking right by. There are always old ladies in there who are very talkative-the grandma type. This is how the conversation went.

lady: oh he's so cute-how old is he (preston)?

me: thank you. he's two.

lady: now when is your next one due?

me: (thinking oh crap, what month is it nine months from now, wait, what month is it now....think, think, think! giving up, not being able to do any kind of math-even if it is easy math, i just start laughing.) Ummmm, I'm not pregnant I say.

lady: (horrified look on her face) Oh, I am so, so sorry! It's just your looks like...

me: yeah, i know. it's my old maternity sweater.

But on a positive note-I did buy some new shoes. On sale! So even if I look pregnant (which I am NOT) I will look prego with cute shoes. Oh, and I am giving away a sweater, any takers?:) Now off to eat a salad. :)


  1. LOL, oh dear. :) All you can do is laugh with those things huh? I had the same experience once, only I'm pretty sure I wasn't as kind about it as you were.
    Love the shoes, how cute!
    And would love to do a girls night again sometime soon!

  2. You didn't tell me about the shoes... I love them! I am not just saying this to be nice... you don't look pregnant!

  3. first of all, you're hilarious! :)

    second, those shoes are TOTALLY YOU! love them!!

  4. I really, really love the shoes..I'm going to start calling you 'camper'. You do not look at all pregnant, perhaps you just glowed with joy on such a dreary day and they got confused. I like your sweater and think you should keep on wearing it.

  5. cute shoes. whenever i see shoes kinda like those i always think to myself...those are jenessa shoes.

    last week someone thought i was pregnant too. i'm going to go work out now:)

  6. You have always found such cute shoes! Next time I'm in town...let's go shopping!
    You don't look pregnant. :)

  7. Ok so I have been on both sides, pregnant and 4 months from having Hayley, a lady says oh you must be due any day, I said no not for 4 more months, she says OH MY you must be having twins you are huge. HMMM not what I wanted to hear. Fast forward to 2 years ago, I take the Kindergartners out for their parents to pick up. So havent seen this grown up before and I say (stupid me) to the very gray haired 60's looking man oh are you her grandpa? No he says Im her father. LOL sometimes people just dont think before they talk. I am the worst. Love the shoes and just let the good times roll laugh and go on your way. I bet she felt stupid.


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