Thursday, May 20, 2010

So, here's a weird story for you all.

Saturday Dave, Preston and I are shopping at Lowes. We are in the check out line when this nice looking family who is in the line next to us starts chatting us up. They introduce themselves, we do too. This is fine. I too am friendly with people in the check out line, most of the time. The guy tells Dave he looks familiar and asks where he works and Dave tells him. It's our turn to ring up our purchases so we try to end the conversation.

So it was a little weird, they were really, really friendly we thought. Maybe they just moved here we thought. Maybe they were just lonely, maybe they were missionaries, swingers?......ok, I'm joking.

We're walking out the store, see them loading up their purchases and kids. What do we do? Well, we quickly walk by them avoiding eye contact at all costs. Being that friendly is a little out of our comfort zone. After all Dave and I are both self-proclaimed loners a tad anti-social.

Now-fast forward to Monday evening. We're at home and Dave gets a call from his work. The receptionist tells Dave, "a Tom Shannon called and left his phone number and would like you to call him back." To which Dave responds, " Who? I don't know a Tom Shannon." (yes that is his real name, i feel no need to protect his identity :) !!! The receptionist says, "He said he met you at Lowes." What???? Ok, now this is just WEIRD people, and a bit violating! He remembered our names and where Dave worked and had the man parts to call him!?!?

Turns out, they "could tell that Dave and I were really positive, friendly and outgoing people" (guess first impressions aren't always right, after all! While we would like to consider ourselves friendly we definitely would not describe ourselves as positive or outgoing. We both tend to be pessimistic sometimes cynical hermits. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad.) It turns out that they had a "business opportunity" for us. They were trying to sell us something. After Dave turned him down (and was much more nicer that I would have been) he asked if we would like to go out to coffee with them. He couldn't believe it when Dave told him we were not interested in their business or being their friends.

We felt so violated, a little bit like we were stalked and will NEVER talk to people in the check out line again! ;)


  1. How funny. But yes, weird too. Especially that he called Dave's work to get ahold of him. Sheesh.
    I once had this lady come up to me in the store, was super nice to me, asking me how old my kids were and telling me pretty much her life story as a mother. Then out of the blue she starts complimenting my eyes, like make-me-feel weird kind of complimenting. And as soon as I start to get uncomfortable and try to get away from her she pulls out a brochure for some makeup she wants to sell me. And follows me trying to get my phone number. I had to tell her 3 times I wasn't interested, then she lost her friendliness and walked away.
    People in the business of sales remind me of flies. Just keep buzzing at you no matter how many times you shoo them away.

  2. That EXACT thing happened to us at an air show on base! You will be happy to know that they never bothered us again after the initial NO! I wonder if it was the same couple or some other couple that our stalker couple roped in...??

  3. Well add me to the list of people who have been approached. We were in the toy section at Walmart and this guy was being very friendly to Ryan and I. He was asking us questions about the kids and telling us stories about his brothers. At the end of the conversations he hands us a business card. It was very disappointing. We did our shopping and later walked back by the toy section. He was still there! I think he was hanging out there with his children trying to make business contacts. Whatever...

  4. Yes been there done that only we were stupid enough to have them over to our house. AMWAY (only named something different now) but yes they do sell amway products. That is how they operate. We met them at the fair, same kind of scenario. Came right up to us and wanted to be our best friend. It should be illegal.

  5. We actually had this happen to us at a church back in Portland ~ we were pretty ticked. Now we are leary of anyone who invites us over for dinner ... haha! Just kidding ... but it did make us a little hesitant for a while. :/

  6. weird! kinda makes you think twice about being friendly. what a shame!


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