Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ok all you other moms out there, I need your help!

Preston seems to be going through a "fearful" stage. Is this common? The things he is afraid of are quite humorous, so it's hard to take him seriously at times.

It first started with the bathtub drain. He would be so worried that all of his toys would go down the drain that he would spend his whole bath time shoving his toys from the drain end of the bathtub to the other end. He won't even go near the drain. Poor kid. Not even reassurances from mommy and daddy make him feel better.

The second fear is of some holes in his wall. We had to move a shelf once he got his big boy bed and there are a few small holes from where the brackets used to be. He will sob and sob and say he is afraid of the holes. I had to put a poster on the wall to cover them up. I'm not sure he is buying it though;)

Do you think it is manipulation or genuine fear???


  1. Alexa was afraid of the drain, too ~ I just showed her that the toys didn't drain with the water ... I made her stay in to watch and see that what I was saying was true. Of course she screamed and threw a fit, but once the water was gone and she saw that she was still there and so were her toys, that was the end of that.

    Since he is only two, it might be hard for him to explain to you why he's afraid of the holes, but if it's related to the holes in the drain you may want to address that one first. Did you ask him why he's afraid of the holes in his wall and show him how the holes got there?

    A lot of times those fears are just stages and they outgrow them (but I'm no expert).

  2. ness, that's so interesting that you mention this...i remember being afraid of the bathtub drain as well. but what is more intriguing is that i specifically remember not liking holes in the wall too! personally, i would call it a real fear, though silly at times, it's still genuine. i don't recall what ever helped me through those, but i guess you could say i still don't like holes in the wall. ;)


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