Tuesday, June 1, 2010

halfway there.

Well today, June 1, marks the halfway point for the year. I always like to look at my list of goals for the year and see how I am doing.

This year I had 9 goals they were:

-Be more encouraging to Dave through words of appreciation, this is his love language.

-Make a schedule to make our home run more smoothly.

-Have a baby.

-Go on more dates with Dave.

-Have a better attitude, be more positive.

-Spend more quality time together as a family.

-Get more involved at church.

-Create a useable budget and use it!

I also had a booklist to read through, but that will have to be a post on its own!

So, how have I done? Well, just OK I guess. I've made some progress, but I definitely don't feel like I've mastered anything! I still need to make an effort to be more encouraging to Dave and go on more dates. I think I've finally created a usable budget, now I just need to use it!

If I were to add some goals they would be:

-read to preston more.

-know my priorities and live life accordingly!

-spend more time praying for my family.

-exercise (uggh!)

-read for pleasure more.

-watch less TV. -Come up with a new business plan???? What about you?

How are you coming along with your goals for 2010??


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