Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When Memorial Day comes around. You can bet that Dave will have some projects that he wants to get done. I guess it's tradition, I didn't know that;) It's true though, for the past 2 years Dave has had major projects going on! That's what we get for moving into an old house, but I love our old house! And even more I love that I have a husband who is so handy!

Do you know how much I trust my husband? I trust him enough to let him pick everything out, from countertops, to paint, to hardware and every other little detail. He has great taste and has yet to disappoint me!

The projects are coming along. Poor Dave, things didn't go as smoothly for him as he hoped. There were a few, um, make that several glitches, (including a shattered car window)but isn't that kind of expected with an older house?

The most important thing is:

the bathroom and kitchen are back in working condition!!!!

There are just a few cosmetic things that need to be done. Okay, maybe a little more than cosmetic-but when the time comes to finish, preston and I will be spending the weekend somewhere else!

I have learned something about myself. I hate things to be out of normal routine!!!! I don't know what to do with myself, it's kind of silly. I should be able to deal with the unexpected in life. Maybe my sister amy was right when we were talking about the holes in prestons room (see 2 posts ago) maybe he hates them because they aren't supposed to be there! who knows. What can I say, I like, love, need order and routine in my life. Needless to say, I am so glad that today is the start of a normal work week. Ahhhh. Sweet routine!

Preston and I did some shopping yesterday-we went to the memorial day sale at Value Village to look at books (they have a great selection of books if you are in the market) It was packed, almost everything was 50% off, except the books of course;) Preston was being so wild and I had to remind him not to run away-after a while he stopped and looked at me, and said,
"Mom, do you have a spankin spoon?" I guess my answer determined if he was going to obey or not. I knew where he was going with this question! If I did have it with me he would obey, if not he would disobey-you gotta love the logic of a two year old! :)

Well off to get ready for the day.


  1. So, when will you be posting pictures? I can't wait to see what Dave has done!

    I can send Robert out to pick things out too. When we were re-doing our bedroom at the old house, I showed him a picture in a magazine, and he went out and bought everything for it- from paint to accessories. He did a good job.


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