Sunday, August 22, 2010

feeling festive.

Our house is looking pretty festive these days.

I've been making banners out of vintage childrens books.

I've aslo used old sheet music, and I have comics and maps waiting to be made into banners.

I have found a way to improve upon my previous attempt at making banners and that is to laminate them! It gives them a more finished look and of course they will be more durable.

I hope people love them as much as I do or they might have to become permanet decor at our house and I'm not sure how Dave feels about that!


  1. I love them! I think I need one :)

  2. SaWeet! Great idea! You are getting the wheels in my brain turning...they would look cute in my schoolroom. I would be a great way to display letters, numbers, colors, punctuation marks, etc. AND it would look cute!

  3. I love them....sooo cute! I also love Amy's idea using them as a learning tool...great ideas ladies.


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