Tuesday, August 31, 2010

thrifty finds and other things.

This was a HOT find from NW Christian! If you can read the small print you can see that this is from Ernst. That was a long time ago! It's actually 12X12 squares of wallpaper. I love the bold yellow and gold-it will make great notebooks and banners! And at less than $5.00 for 45 squares that is a deal!
Also from NW Christian. I'm not sure what I am going to do with this yet, probably storage of some sort.

This weekend I took apart Prestons bed-I now have a whole bunch of these mattress springs just waiting to be used for a craft project of some sort, feel free to pass along ideas:)

I found this cute little 3 ring binder in great shape. I can't wait to find some filler paper.

These little pinch bowls were just calling out my name!

These shutters aren't new, but I just painted them.

I saw this desk (NW Christian) and had to have it. At first Preston didn't like it. He said, "I do NOT want this desk, then he spit at it and said I will NOT show daddy." He likes it now though:)

Here's the other part of the bed that I took apart. I thought it would be a good display, for cards etc. but it is a little large. We'll see.


  1. WOW....all I have to say is...WOW!
    What great finds....every single one of them. I am having thrifting withdrawls. I can't accumulate any more things if we MIGHT be moving, so I will just drool over your finds. AND love that you are getting creative with the mattress....love the idea to use it as a display, you could always just lean it in front of your table. (sorry for the long post)

  2. What??? Who thinks to take apart a mattress? Amazing creativity, I LOVE your finds! Good job!

  3. I'm coveting everything in this post. :(

  4. You've sure been making some cute things!! Love the banners!
    And I always get such a kick out of your descriptions of your little guy. He seriously spit at the desk? lol, what a character. ;)


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