Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Best Nesst.

So maybe you've noticed that I have been trying to merge my two blogs into one. I have a hard enough time keeping one blog up to date that two is impossible!

It's been a goal of mine to live a one piece life. I tend to compartmentalize the different areas of my life such as being a mom, wife, Christian, crafter, etc. Do you know what I mean? Ann Voskamp who blogs here wrote a great piece on this a while ago you should read it, you will love it, it's very encouraging.

So long story short....Notes From Ness is now The Best Nesst. Same address, different blog title. The original Best Nesst will still be up to redirect people over here, but this is where I will be writing from now on. In this one spot.


  1. what a great challenge--one piece living. It was good to see you today!

  2. Love your blog! Great ideas for journals and at such an affordable price.

  3. Love Ann Voskamp....thanks for sharing that post I hadn't read it before and it was a good one!!!Her post today made me cry. :(


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