Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For those of you who care...

here are a ga-zillion pictures!
Also, make sure you stop by Beccas blog and check out her etsy shop!
{there is a link on her blog}

becca and I at our booth

Preston was so thrilled to be there, can
you see it on his face? :)

my handsome hubby !

some of beccas cute creations!

Callen must have thought I said something funny:)

what little girls do best-twirling.

Preston riding his bike at the campsite.

just because you are 2 years old is no excuse for not helping! Actually, Preston loved being Daddys helper and showing off his "big muscles."

Dave captured this picture of the beach at our campground.
We loved the beach here.

Preston and Becca
he kept calling her-that goil, RE-becca, emphasis on RE.



  1. Everything looks sooo good. I love what you did with the filing cabinet.
    Sorry I didn't make it....Eric pulled a Kitchen reno on me and then he got sick (kind of).
    I love the last two pictures.....CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  2. what an awesome weekend! Preston has really embraced the country side of himself! Love it!

  3. I wish I could have gone! Your space looked great!

  4. Great pictures! Awesome one of the sunset Dave, wow!
    What a fun time Ness! :)

  5. Oh my gosh!! I love your bloggy journal of junkiness!!! I had so much fun reliving it through your guys rock!!! Thanks for sharing the weekend with us!


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