Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas card photos.

So, I'm thinking ahead to Christmas card photos. Maybe you can help me chose.

{option 1}not even smiling. a no go.

{option 2}well at least he's smiling, even though it's kind of goofy.

{option 3}Not bad.

{option 4}We have a winner!

'You've been picked by Preston, to have a very merry Christmas!'

Ok, so I'm kidding. But Dave and I thought this would be funny. We obviously have much nicer pictures to chose from, thanks to my Aunt Tandy.

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  1. Awesome! He looks so big! #4 is my fave too;)

  2. I would totally "pick" number #4 ~ just think of all the joy it would bring to those who get that card!! ♥

  3. So funny! But really, I am have your Christmas tree up already!?


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