Monday, January 17, 2011

just hanging around.

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I've wanted to post so many times about Preston and his flair for decorating and I just haven't gotten around to it. Tonight, I laughed out loud when I saw this and couldn't pass up blogging about it.

So, as you can see Preston has shelves in his room. There are 2 nails sticking out where I had hung a banner awhile ago. Well, If you're Preston and you see a nail sticking out of the wall, it is fair game for decorating. I don't know how many times this Christmas I would walk in his room and there would be an ornament hanging there and a bare spot on our tree. There have been many things hanging from this nail, I wish I could remember them all!

Preston has been playing with his animals, Uncle Lion and Mrs. Deer all evening. He told me they are adults and they are his friends. Unfortunately Uncle Lion was in time out quite a bit tonight. He also thought he was pretty clever naming him Uncle Lion. He said, "Mom it's like Uncle Ryan, but Uncle Lion, hahaha!"

I may have to remove Mrs. Deer from her nail lest she fall and give Preston a rude awakening!

Oh, Preston also likes shiny things. The other day he was looking in my mouth and said awestruck..."Mom, your teeth are so pretty! You have so many shiny things in your mouth!"  Maybe I ought to opt for the white fillings next time.
(and seriously, I don't have that many cavities!)


  1. Preston is the cutest and funniest kid ever! I love it!

    I just saw your comment- glad you saw my post. I was just going to e-mail you to fill you in. I miss you, I'll definitely call you when I get back in town. Take care!

  2. How funny!=) Love little boys and their creativity=)


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