Saturday, January 8, 2011

The birthday post.

Well here is Prestons 3rd birthday post, just a little late.

Preston at 3 your are just as funny as ever. Your personality just continues to shine and you bring joy to our lives and the lives of others daily!

you love to:
sing songs
make crafts, often I find you making 'journals'  to sell;)
shoot guns
eat gum
play with play dough
play little people
play lincoln logs
jump on your hippity hop
swing (which daddy hung in the basement so you can swing til your hearts content all winter long!)
 jump on the couch
read books
eat cereal
play with your cousins
watch curious george
you are not shy in the least, you have an accent, and you are very agreeable and it doesn't take much to make you happy.
When I ask you if we should do something you give me an enthusiastic sure!
You greet each day with your milk, a show and cuddle from mom and you always ask me, "what should we do today?"
You are so loved Preston! I can't wait to see what the year brings you and see how grow.

We celebrated your birthday at Jump n Play and later had family over.  Among other things, you got 3 guns and a light saber for your birthday!! (I'm not sure what this says about our family;))

I really didn't spend a lot of time behind the camera and I didn't get the greatest pictures, but here are a few pics of the day.

 Isaiah, Sam and Thomas anxiously waiting to go in!
 Preston and his goofy smile!
 Afterwards, we had cupcakes tailgate style-Brrrr!

 Looking at the zhu-zhu pets.
Preston shooting Isaiah

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