Friday, January 7, 2011


Preston loves to sing. This Christmas he had many new favorite songs, Away in the Manger, Silent Night but his favorite was "Gloria". He sings all day every day. He doesn't understand that Christmas is over and proudly sings "Gloria" everywhere we go. He makes quite a few heads turn at the grocery store;)


  1. That's great! I will never get tired of hearing that cute little singing voice!

  2. Sawyer's favorite two years running:) he cups his mouth w his hands and sings it very parking garages and stores. He ran right over to hear Preston sing it just now. Wish we were closer, they'd be buddies:)

  3. I cannot believe how in-tune he is on that song! The fact that he's as young as he is and is singing right on key is amazing! I see a potential singer in him. :)

  4. That is so sweet! I'm still playing Christmas songs in the van because I'm loving hearing three sweet little voices singing along!=)


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