Friday, July 15, 2011

Knights of Veritas

One more thing we can cross off of our list of things to do in July is "Medieval at the Library." We went we the cousins and some friends and the kids had a blast, getting to see 'real' knights. It may have been a little long for Preston though, at one point he walked over to me, sighed, and said in a bored voice, "Can we go to Starbucks?" Perhaps like me, he was feeling the need to have an afternoon pick me up:)

Here are some pictures of our fun afternoon!

Fighting demonstrations. I bet the boys learned all sorts of new moves and phrases!

I think this was Prestons favorite part, getting to try on the helmet. For the first half hour of the demonstration he kept wanting to know, are they going to wear helmets????

When Preston has his mean face on-he means business, you better watch out!

The cousins and the knights.

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  1. How fun! When did you guys do this? You better hurry and make plans to come here - so you can cross it off your list! :)


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