Monday, July 18, 2011

'Rainbow Man'

Beware folks, there's a new superhero in town and he goes by the name of 'Rainbow Man.'  I'm not quite sure yet if he uses his superpowers for good or evil-but if you get in his way he will throw a rainbow at you!

Yesterday I thought I was being a good, creative mom and set a up a rock painting stations for Preston and I to do some painting. Well, Preston had another idea all of his own. He decided to completely forgo painting the rocks and he painted himself instead. 

Notice how clean he started out!

 First, he painted on his gloves. And that paint on his chest is his 'symbol.'

 No superhero is complete without knee pads!

Elbow pads too!

After he had painted most of his body-he jumped in the sandbox, oh boy! You should have seen how dirty the bath water was!

As far as I'm concerned, dirty boy=summertime fun!

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