Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fishing, the fire station and garage sales!

I am soooo glad that this is a new week. Last week was such a busy week for us, it felt like our days were packed full! By Sunday night we just about fell to the floor in exhaustion!  We didn't do anything too exciting, we were just busy and had late nights. This weekend was busy too, but we had a lot of fun, so it was well worth it:)  Saturday morning we got up early and headed out to my parents. Dave, Preston and my dad went fishing (prestons first time) and my mom and I spent the morning going to garage sales. I got a lot of goodies, it was a successful morning hunting for bargains. On our way home we spotted a fire station that was hosting an open house, we stopped and let Preston check out the fire trucks and I'm so glad we did. He was a riot! Later that evening we went to where Daves sister was doing an estate sale for her job and found even more goodies. Sunday we spent the day helping with the estate sale. Prestons loot for the weekend includes a lava lamp, an old disney view finder, some beanie babies and a motorcycle helmet...that he loves to wear, all the time:) I might have to do a whole other post to show you all of my goodies.

Here's a funny story for you about a conversation I heard between my SIL and a little girl (probably 10 or 12) at the estate sale.  This little girl wanted to buy an old rotary phone. First off, she thought this phone was a cell phone and my SIL had to explain that it is what you call a 'house phone' she was confused and said well my mom has a cell phone can't I plug it in and have it work? My SIL explained that you have to have a home phone number to be able to plug it in and work. This girl had the most confused look on her face. She had NO idea what  a home phone was-she said they've only had cell phones. I guess home phones are a thing of the past and not even recognizable to some kids! It made us chuckle and then feel old:)

I don't know how relaxing this week will will be spent doing last minute things getting ready for Grace!! Only 6 more days-woo hoo!

Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Fishing with Grandpa-unfortunately they only got bites, no fish.

Preston LOVED meeting Mako, Spokanes only arson dog.

Trying on the gear, boy was it heavy!

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