Tuesday, August 2, 2011

::July Recap::

1.picked strawberries at Greenbluff
2. visited the meyers with grandma and grandpa
3.went to priest lake
4. camped on bartoo island with friends
5. enjoyed some cooler weather
6.more camping fun with friends
7. playing at the beach
8.got crafty
9.enjoyed some time outside with the sprinkler
10. water play at the meyers
11. went to manito park one cool  morning
12. rode bikes with the cousins
13. saw 'real' knights at the library
14. duck pond at manito

July was a busy month, and yet I still feel like a lot went undone!  We played hard and had a lot of fun!  I feel like we let some things go undone on the homefront while we played, and I am ok with that, it was well worth it!

So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed our summer-and the best is yet to come!!


  1. I love his face in 13. Such a sweetheart! ☺ What a great idea with the photo collage. I might have to try that this month!

  2. I really like the idea of a photo collage! I might have to try it for the month of August! I love his face in #13. So cute!


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