Monday, August 1, 2011

The Plan for August 2011

August is my all time favorite month. It will be even more special this year as we welcome baby Grace into our family!  The reason I love August so much is because to me it is a transition month. I always say the August is 'summers encore.'  That last month before school and the hustle and bustle of Fall activity starts. I always really, really enjoy the activities of August because I know it will be a good 9 months or so before you get to do them again.  In August the wheat fields are more golden and the the lake water sparkles more, August is filled with anticipation as I wait for the  routine and normalcy of life to resume.
While enjoying the last month of summer I also really, really start to anticipate the Fall, my favorite season! By this time I am longing for those cooler days, where I can slip on my cozy sweater and jeans...waking up in the morning and feel the crispness in the air. Going for walks {to starbucks for those pumpkin lattes!} and taking in all the sights of the changing leaves and hearing them crunch underneath your toes...anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself, it will be awhile before we get there:) 

Well, we don't have a lot of plans this month, for obvious reasons. The only thing on my mind is getting this baby out! Tomorrow I am 36 weeks-only 30 days until my edd (estimated due date). Tick, tock, tick tock......:)

This months plans include:
  • My cousins wedding at the end of August, Preston is the ring bearer :)
  • A trip to cat tails
  • Spend an afternoon as a family at Riverfront park. I bought the groupons last week for a skyride and the Imax. We were going to go this weekend, but Dave hurt his back and couldn't take walking around too much. but it was so nice to stay at home for a full weekend!
  • Preston really wants to take Dave to Manito Park. Preston had so much fun when we went one mornning last month and he really wants to go back!
Other than that we are just going to hang out and wait and do the obvious things like go to parks, have playdates etc.

Happy last month of summer to you!

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