Thursday, January 19, 2012

home away from home.

This morning when I told Preston he couldn't have chocolate milk he informed me he was going to run away from home. I asked him where he was going to live and he said, "Starbucks!."

Do you think he would let me runaway with him?!?

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  1. haha, take me too! With all the snowy/slushy weather the last few days, Starbucks is the only place I've been greeted with a smile. Aaron says it's because they're the only ones who breathe in energy all day with yummy coffee fumes all around them. :)

    Oh, and the little rat? I asked the pet store before I bought him if they'd take him back if we couldn't keep him. They said yes, and so Damon's wife Natalie returned him first chance she got the next day. :) He was so super cute and sweet.


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