Monday, January 16, 2012

Prestons 'aminal' friends.

**Preston with Mingo the monkey. **
Preston thinks Mingo should go right back to Grandmas house (where he came from) because he tries to scratch Preston at night when he is sleeping. Actually, Mingos hands are sewn with something similar to fishing line, and seeing he's probably around 30 some years old, they are frayed, hence the scratching! Preston and Mingo are not friends:)

One of the many things I love about my Preston is his love for his 'aminals'. He has about 20+ stuffed animals from teeny tiny to a 3 foot stuffed bunny that he has to sleep with every night! Sometimes I try to sneak some in the closet thinking that he can't be comfortable and that these 'aminals' of his are about to take over his bed. My attempts are futile though.
The best thing I love about how he is with his 'aminals' is that he makes up these families. He knows exactly which ones are married to whom, how many kids they have and who their kids are friends with etc.  A month or so ago we tried to give Gracie Prestons old glo-worm and he cried and cried because that was 'big bunnys' son.  Ahhh, the complex world of 'aminal' relationships. I think it's sweet how much he loves them!


  1. It is so funny how alike Preston and Sawyer are. I could have written an identical post. Luckily he has only fallen out of bed once because his entourage crowded him out:)

  2. haha, way too cute. :) Totally cracked me up.


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