Saturday, January 14, 2012


something that's been on Prestons mind lately (get ready, it's deep!) is this:

Why don't superheros wear pants?

It troubles him. He wants to dress like these heros of his and he finds it annoying to have to undress down to his undies when he wants to play superheros, not to mention it's inappropriate when friends are over.

Alas, I have no answer to his dilemma. I have no idea why superheros don't wear pants. Perhaps pants get in the way when saving lives, I'm not sure. Sometimes parents just don't have the answers:)
Last night it was unusually quiet in the basement and way past Prestons bedtime, I went to see what Dave and Preston were doing. As soon as I open the door I see Prestons little tush, underwear on the outside sticking up in the air. They were both zonked on the couch--playing superheros is hard work! I won't show you the pictue of Dave...but let's just say he indulges Prestons superhero ideas;) wink, wink. Besides, It's always good to have a little blackmail right?? ;)


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