Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy {heart} Day!

I'm not a huge Valentines Day fan, afterall, I love my sweetheart every day of the year!  But Gracie wanted to do a Valentines photo shoot and I happily obliged, I mean she was even wearing her heart Valentine pants...I couldn't say no! :)  I would have included Preston in this action but for some reason he was wide awake from 1-3am the night before and was sleeping soundly in the bedroom.

It is tradition to celebrate Valentines Day with a crab and steak dinner. We can't wait! Prestons been asking for 3 days if it is the day to eat Crab:)

More pictures to follow.....

{Gracies first Valentines}

What is it about baby feet that are so adorable?
Gracie was more interested in eating the heart banner that we made rather than posing with it-oh well.

And while we talking all about Grace....she has

her first tooth!

there are 3 other teeth that will be here soon too-my she's getting big!

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