Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day {part 2}

Phew. Valentines day ended up being a VERY busy day! Dave and I both had doctors appointments ( I had 3!). Even though dinner was rushed and we were both exhausted it was a nice and delicious dinner! As soon as Dave walked in the door Preston asks "dad did you get snow crab or king crab? It better be king crab!" the boy knows his crab and like I said yesterday he's been waiting days looking forward to this dinner. This is also the kid who wanted to have crab and shrimp for his birthday:)

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  1. man...I should have come to your house for dinner! It would have been totally worth the 2.5 hours drive! We had hot dogs...I was too tired after out V-day party to cook anything as yummy as crab.


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