Saturday, March 17, 2012

'Big Horn Sheep Show'

Friday was an anticipated day at our house, it was the day that we got to got to the 'Big Horn Sheep Show' and as if that weren't enough we went with Grandma and Grandpa!

Neither Dave nor I have ever been, so it was a first for our whole family. (Except for my dad who goes every year) It's fun for Preston to be able to see the animals that he loves reading about! Since we don't have a zoo in our neck of the woods we are limited to seeing them on tv, cat tales or cabelas. It was fun to be able to see them up close and be able to touch them.

Here are some pictures of our adventure! It was hard to get great ones, it was dark and Preston was too excited to hold still:)

This booth had a skull that was being eaten by bugs to clean away all the skin and debris-yuck!

The stuffed bears were cool, but they also had some real bears too!

{rainbow trout}
So, the fish experience was kind of funny. Dave and I and my mom and dad were expecting to donate the fish that Preston caught. As you walk out there is a freezer you can put your fish in-unless you want to take home which I did not, carrying around a half dead fish in a little yellow bag didn't sound fun. As we started walking away Preston started crying, he wanted to keep his fish, not understanding that it was dead (almost) and would not be a pet. He wanted to put it in our Goldfish flappys tank. I'm finding it harder and harder these days to explain things, things like death and that we eat animals. Yes, cows are nice, but they are nice to eat too. His mind thinks everything should be black and white, right or wrong.  It's a hard place to be in and a hard place to parent.  He is growing up, and is learning that the world is not always a perfect and safe place. By the way, the fish is in our freezer.

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